A study released in 2018 revealed that half of all Americans are lonely. In this survey of 20,000 adults, 54% of respondents said they feel like no one actually knows them well, and about 40% said they “lack companionship,” their “relationships aren’t meaningful,” and that they feel “isolated from others.” Despite the fact that we appear to be growing more connected through technology, it could not be more clear that we are experiencing a unique sort of poverty in our society—relational poverty.

Here at The Gathering Church, we exist to create a family that follows Jesus together. We believe our calling is to address the darkness of relational poverty in our neighborhoods and flood them with the light of Jesus’ love. 

The witness of the scriptures is not only that Jesus died for our sins and rose again to reconnect us with God, but that in doing so, he actually invited us to be part of his family. The exciting news of the gospels is that the family of God, which began with the people of Israel, has opened up so that the whole world is invited to find belonging in Christ and in the community of faith. “So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God.” (Ephesians 2:19) Early Jesus followers referred to one another as “brothers” and “sisters” and considered themselves children of God. They lived in community—eating together, praying together, learning together, supporting one another—because they saw themselves as a family. Jesus came to save us not only from our spiritual poverty but also our relational poverty by introducing a place for every person in the family of God.

Here at The Gathering, we are a family of disciples.

We are committed to creating welcoming environments that cultivate friendships.
We are committed to challenging each other as fellow brothers and sisters as we follow Jesus together.
We are committed to creating a counter-cultural community that loves with Jesus’ extravagant generosity.

We’d love to have the opportunity to meet you and introduce you to the rest of our family and invite you on this journey with us, wherever you are on your path. Come and join us for our Sunday gathering or contact us so one of the members of our leadership team can reach out to you.


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