The Gathering exists to create a family that follows Jesus together.

Our goal is to live that out as a Missional, Authentic, Community of Worshippers.


To see our community and cities as a place to be salt and light as disciples and disciple makers by being on mission with God, through every avenue and aspect of our day-to-day lives; so others might come to Jesus and not anything, anyplace or anyone else.


Knowing that our acceptance and worth are found and fixed in Christ and in our Creator, we strive to be real with others and ourselves in grace, humility, and transparency as a means of accountability and growth.


To live life together as one diverse family in love and in fellowship within the relational context of small and large group gatherings, as a reflection of God’s character and design.


Delighting to abide in every moment as an ascription of praise to God through song, the arts, prayer, service, giving, teaching, studying, and any other expression meant to bring honor and glory to Him.

Our Staff Members

Tim Kammerer

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Wayne Townsend

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We are currently seeking members for a new worship team. Requirements include a love for Jesus, vocal ability in song and/or play a musical instrument.

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